Why I Fish

buzzer fishing for irish trout

I’m often asked why I fish as it is apparent to anyone I meet that I am absolutely passionate about Fly Fishing. I think it appeals to me so much because for a short time, I can switch off from everything else in my life. I can arrive at the water and in two minutes be thinking only about the best way to outwit my quarry. At times when I can’t get out fishing I can easily pull out some memories of the beautiful places I’ve visited or remember a significant capture or escape. We live in a fast paced stress filled world with people spending considerable time doing things that they dislike. Fly-fishing is more about solitude when compared with conventional types of fishing. Although I enjoy a fishing adventure with friends while actually fishing we generally fish alone and will meet in the evening to eat, drink and brag about big fish!

Then there are the rewards, If I have read the water correctly, chosen the correct fly and presented it well and then the fish takes, it is like a shot of adrenaline into your heart. To capture a fresh run bright silver Salmon or a large wild Trout is something that cannot be bought, it can only be earned through patience and dedication and the sense of achievement is immense.

There are many facets to the sport that appeal to me; fly casting itself is an art form, fly tying, photography, conservation and fish art. Yes I also paint fish!, I know I am obsessed with fish and their environments but as the author Robert Traver once wrote:

“I fish not because I regard fishing as being so terribly important, but because I suspect that so many of the other concerns of men are equally unimportant and not nearly so much fun.”

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