I bought this camera pouch for the 2014 fishing season, from Ethan Smith of Smithfly in the USA. It is a roll top type dry bag with some additional padding. This bag has allowed me to bring my DSLR camera with me on every fishing trip.

I enjoy taking photographs of trout and salmon almost as much as catching them and for the last 4 seasons this pouch has protected my camera gear and has never let me down. I have even dropped the bag on a number of occasions without any damage to some delicate gear. I have been wading and accidentally swimming where the bag was completely submersed and I have had no problems.  It also provides a safe place to keep my phone and car keys.

Normally I carry a 17-55mm lens but I have squeezed a 70-200mm 4.0 canon in there attached to my camera with no issues.

My smithfly bag has survived the filthiest weather in Ireland and has traveled well in -15 degrees in Iceland (where everything else was frozen solid! ) up to 40 degrees in Spain. I suspect at this stage that the bag will outlast me! You can see Ethan’s products here: https://smithfly.myshopify.com/collections/pouches/products/digi-pouch

One of the nice things about the Flyfishing world is the small niche products and businesses that are popping up. At a time when the world has lost the plot with big business, I think that small operations like Smithfly should be supported.

Btw I’m not associated with Smithfly and I paided the full price for my bag 🙂

It’s not yet possible to take consistantly high quality images with a mobile phone (that’s another story) so we need to bring expensive equipment to unfriendly environments in order to get nice images.