Spring fishing in Lake Thingvellir Iceland

A group of us visited Iceland in late April 2015. Iceland had experienced a really bad winter and the week before we arrived to fish Lake Thingvellir it was still frozen solid! Despite temperatures as low as -15 degrees and extreme north winds it was a very enjoyable trip. Worst of all, My good friend Diarmuid spent the week in bed sick and only got to have a cast on the last day! This was really disappointing as we had been talking about this trip for a long time.

Normally the larger trout can be found in shallow water and within casting range with fly tackle but this year the fish were in deeper water and generally 50 metres or more off shore…6 days throwing big streamers is hard work but we survived!

Lake Thingvellir

Lake Thingvellir lies in the rift between the Eurasian and American tectonic plates. The lake is home to some of the biggest brown trout on the planet. The fish are believed to be Irish sea trout that became landlocked at the end of the last ice age. This species is often referred to as ice age brown trout and it can grow to an incredible size.